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Ideology of Japanese Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy "JAVH"

Thank you for looking at Japanese Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy "JAVH"'s homepages.

Over all about homeopathy, it is the cure being used with similar substances, makes self-healing active. It is not perfect but if you use it well, it shows great effective to the animals as well.

But you need so much knowledge and experience to achieve homeopathy. If it is half done, it dose not work.

I do conventional medicine basically at my hospital. But in case that the trouble is caused by mental problem, it shows great affect for younger animals and exotic pets that are hard to give ordinary drugs, or the chronic disease that it is not good at with conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is used all over the world the most ,as the alternative medicine, but it is not well understood in Japan.

JAVH establisied, the purpose are informing to many veterinarians and owners to have right knowledge and using homeopathy to animal's health with conventional medicine and other alternative medicines.

At first, it started as Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy "JPSH"'s veterinarian's board. It has become JAVH since 2012.The number of member is 116 in May,2012.

We would like to act for veterinarians and owners to let them understand well, and many animals to be given a lot of benefit.

June,2012 JAVH's president Futoshi Hamada

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